Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Catching up

So this week I'm trying to finish reviewing

Book of Common Prayer by Alan Jacobs -- a history of how the book came to be. Will probably do this on Examiner or Blogcritics. So..all those many years ago when I saw Keith Richards and Glenda Jackson on Masterpiece Theater, I didn't "get" Cranmer. Didn't get him either in A Man for All Seasons. But now...yeah... I'm feeling the guy. Not enough to go executing people but eh.. I've met folks like him and I see where he's coming from.

Am trying to finish ALL OUR YESTERDAYS, which i don't really have to review but which I might. It's got a Groundhog Day/RETURNER vibe. It's okay, but if you're a time travel afficionado, try the k-drama NINE, or a film like REPEATERS, or Proposal Daikusen if you're into J-dramas. Or, A Knight in Shining Armor (book), or Primer, or Mirae's Choice (which will be a new drama coming up in a week.) ALL OUR YESTERDAYS is a YA with two girl protags. So that's something.

Speaking of which there are three other spec-fic books by friends I intend to reivew. (It was four but the fourth one was just sooo ...well, I'm not going to review it. Why stress myself trying not to hurt someone's feelings? Younger son threw those other books somewhere..behind, beneath, under....Mercifully, those were books I bought for myself so no one's looking for the review.

A book on being Vegan for women. Haven't started reading it yet but I flipped the pages and dang! I'm not sure I'm so committed to health that I'll give up leather shoes. Yeah, she is seriously committed to saving the earth. There's also a book on being gluten free. These are for

But Dark Girls is gonna be the hardest to review. Yes, the DVD came in the mail. I -- Little Miss Transparent, who always has to tell her soul on the internet and who has mega-issues with being dark-skinned-- now have to face issues and review this. Aaargh. Bummer! But maybe I'll be healed or semi=healed.

When I tell folks I don't look at mirrors, they think I'm nuts. But alas, it is true. I do not look at mirrors. I'll wake up one day and see a picture of some old gray black woman....and i'll be like "WTF? So that's me?" Yes, i should be saner about these childhood age 53, one is usually saner. But alas, I am not. And yes, none of my characters in my novels look in mirrors too.

Tomorrow is the last day of Two Weeks, the best k-drama thriller of the summer. Am waiting for Viki to come out with the subs. And a certain screenwriter-nim had better not piss off all the world by giving us a sad ending. Same screenwriter who did 49 yeah... folks are preparing for the nihilistic bad ending. But seriously, if PD-Nim creates a character who survives utter implausibilities then "kills" him at the end, it wouldn't ring true. I'm sure Friday's Open Thread on  will be a buzzing about the ending. Whatever the ending, the OST "Run" by Nell is totally one of my faves of the summer. Along with Toxic love (Dear Love) by WAX from that god-awful Sword and Flower drama. I can't hate a drama that gave us such a beautiful OST but I can fume and be disappointed, I guess.

Which reminds me. I've now sworn off downloading OSTS from Call it a guilty conscience but after a certain unknown person put up the Wind Follower pdf on 2shared...well, it would fel a bit hypocritical, (wouldn't it?) to keep downloading OSTs from there?

Other than that, am working on Scapegoats and Sacred Cows of Bible Study. Because I just keep getting pissed at some of the stuff I hear in sermons. It's as if Bible studies train us to hate some of these folks and a lot of the assumption is based on prejudice and assumption. So it is up to yours truly to defend Absalom, Michal, Lot's Wife, Job's Wife and the lot. The question is whether I should be all researchy in the book or just be totally conversational and bitchy.

Also working on My life as an Onion. I'm gonna self-publish this one. Since it's such a weird little book and kind though the Wildside and Prime Books folks are, it's not for them. Nor is it really up the christian pub alley. Yes, i am gonna attempt to mix eroticism, interracial dating, and Korean chaebol tropes with religion and supernatural stuff. Can I do it? Lord knows. But at least I'm gonna try.

Upcoming dramas: Heirs. (It has a way longer title but am too out of it to write it here.)  I looked at the character charts and thought, "Seriously????"

I can let the whole K-drama habit of coincidences go. As a western writer, I'm none too thrilled but I accept the whole A) it's fated for folks to meet and for all of Seoul and Busan to revolve around them   and B) Korean production companies don't have a lotta money (witness the suicides of some of these producers) so they can't have a whole lot of characters. But that chart the charts when it comes to contrivances.

But it's got Lee Min HOT in it and Choi Jin Hyuk and Park Shin Hye.... Yeah, all folks I love. So, I might just force myself to watch it. And who knows? It might be this fall's drama crack.

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