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Banks-Butler Book Tour: Milton Davis

Milton Davis is one of the prime movers in Black independent publishing of speculative fiction through his publication company, MVMEDIA. His own books include the "sowrd and soul" books: 
Meji Book Two
Changa's Safari, 
Changa's Safari Volume Two
 and A Debt To Pay

Milton Davis has also been credited in leading the revival of Sword and Soul, a heroic fiction subgenre created by Charles R.Saunders, author of Imaro and Dossouye. He is also an innovator of Black speculative fiction anthologies. 

The anthology he has edited include:

A witch, more machine than human, judges the character of the wicked and hands out justice in a ravaged Chicago. John Henry wields his mighty hammers in a war against machines and the undead. Frederick Douglass and Harriet Tubman rule a country of freed slaves that rivals - and often bests - England and France in power and technology. You will find all this - and much more - between the pages of Steamfunk, an anthology of incredible stories by some of today's greatest authors of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Steamfunk - African and African American-inspired Steampunk. Editors Milton Davis and Balogun Ojetade have put together a masterful work guaranteed to transport you to new worlds. Worlds of adventure; of terror; of war and wonder; of iron and steam. Open these pages and traverse the lumineferous aether to the world of Steamfunk!

Magic. Myth. Warfare. Wonder. Beauty. Bravery. Glamour. Gore. Sorcery. Sensuality. These and many more elements of fantasy await you in the pages of Griots, which brings you the latest stories of the new genre called Sword and Soul. The tales told in Griots are the annals of the Africa that was, as well as Africas that never were, may have been, or should have been. They are the legends of a continent and people emerging from shadows thrust upon them in the past. They are the sagas sung by the modern heirs of the African story-tellers known by many names - including griots. Here, you will meet mighty warriors, seductive sorceresses, ambitious monarchs, and cunning courtesans. Here, you will journey through the vast variety of settings Africa offers, and inspires. Here, you will savor what the writings of the modern-day griots have to offer: journeys through limitless vistas of the imagination, with a touch of color and a taste of soul.

Griots: Sisters of the Spear picks up where the ground breaking Griots Anthology leaves off. Charles R. Saunders and Milton J. Davis present seventeen original and exciting Sword and Soul tales focusing on black women. Just as the Griots Anthology broke ground as the first Sword and Soul Anthology, Griots: Sisters of the Spear pays homage to the spirit, bravery and compassion of women of color. The griots have returned to sing new songs, and what wonderful songs they are!

The Following is an excerpt from his story, MASQUERADE

Marigold sauntered back to her chair then sat on the armrest. Jeremy continued to stare in fascination.
"What is it, Jeremy?" she asked.
"Your mask," he replied. 
Marigold laughed. "What is a mask, Jeremy?"
"It''s everything," he answered.
Marigold's smile faded. "It's a lie. A facade to keep people under control. A weapon that kills as dead as a bullet."
"No," Jeremy replied. "It's a symbol of order. A symbol of status. It tell you who you are."
"And who are you, Jeremy?" Marigold stood. "When you were kidnapped, were you a different person without your mask?"
"I don't know," he said. "I never gained a mask, at least not the proper way."
"Tell me, Jeremy, what is your favorite color?"
Jeremy thought for a moment. "Blue, I think."
"If you had received your mask, would that have changed?"
"No," Jeremy said.
Marigold smiled again. "Would you have abandoned your favorite foods, or not enjoyed your favorite pastimes? Would you have loved your mother and father any differently?"
"No," Jeremy said.
"So what does a mask have to do with you?" she said.
"It changes my circumstances," Jeremy said. "It changes what people think of me."
"Precisely," Marigold said. "But it does not change you."
Marigold left the room. She returned moments later with a leather box.
"Open it," she said.
Jeremy opened the box. Inside was an Elite mask, a translucent masterpiece of delicate fabric and jewels.
"It's yours if you wish," Marigold said.
Jeremy took the mask from the box then replaced his old mask.
"There's a mirror in the next room," Marigold said.
Jeremy ran to the room and found the full length mirror. Marigold appeared behind him.
"Do you feel different?" she asked.
"Yes. Yes I do."
Marigold frowned.
"How disappointing."
She left the room.
"Take him home, Barron," she said.
"To Middlebrix?" Barron asked.
"No, his real home. Let his family finally see their son again. Let them see how he's come up in the world."
Jeremy looked at Marigold. "You would do this for me? Why?"
Marigold smiled. "To teach you a lesson Jeremy, a lesson I learned long ago."
Barron grabbed his arm.

"Let's go, Master Jeremy," he said. "Time for a family reunion." 

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