Monday, March 22, 2021

Adam weeping


How long did Adam weep
when he fully understood the totality of good and evil?
When he saw the fullness of it, i mean?
Tiny bullets, great wars.
Monstrous lies, subtle betrayals.
When he understood death in all its fullness
The grief and devastation of the dying
The grief and devastation of the bereaved.
Tiny cancer cells and the fear of them
Mass hidden graves
Broken hearts
He cried for himself, of course.
But for his children, grandchildren, great-greats
All the sorrows of his descendants before his eyes?
No doubt God comforted his regret eagerly
But regret is not so easily tamed.
All those pre diluvian years
With each new murder, calamity, woe
Weren't his tears renewed?
How could they not be?
How could the parent of all mankind ever grow numb?

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