Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Spotlight: Frank Creed

Frank Creed's new book Flashpoint has just come out. I think a day ago.

Here's the blurb:

Persecution in Chicago has reached the Flashpoint.

In the year 2036, all nations are run by a one-world government.
The One State has only one threat:
Fundamentalist terrorists.
The One State has declared that
Bible believing Christians are now ‘terrorists’!

But the One State has not yet encountered Calamity Kid and e-girl . .

As you know already from my previous post, Frank writes Biblical speculative fiction. This means among other things that the values, truths and prophecies used in his fiction are the same shown in the Bible.

That doesn't mean Frank slavishly follows the mold of other Bible writers. This ain't your Mom's (or Janet Oke's or Beode Theone's) Christian fiction.

Like Cyber-punk? How about trying Biblical cyber-punk?


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