Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Spotlight: Frank Creed

Frank Creed's new book Flashpoint has just come out. I think a day ago.

Here's the blurb:

Persecution in Chicago has reached the Flashpoint.

In the year 2036, all nations are run by a one-world government.
The One State has only one threat:
Fundamentalist terrorists.
The One State has declared that
Bible believing Christians are now ‘terrorists’!

But the One State has not yet encountered Calamity Kid and e-girl . .

As you know already from my previous post, Frank writes Biblical speculative fiction. This means among other things that the values, truths and prophecies used in his fiction are the same shown in the Bible.

That doesn't mean Frank slavishly follows the mold of other Bible writers. This ain't your Mom's (or Janet Oke's or Beode Theone's) Christian fiction.

Like Cyber-punk? How about trying Biblical cyber-punk?


Click here to check out the youtube book trailer fof FLASH POINT

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David said...

Amazing post, especially from someone who came in a little late to do a real review. You should be an example to all CFRB members (and other Christians involved in reviewing and blog touring Christian works). God bless you sis.

David Brollier

Caprice Hokstad said...

I agree with David. Above and beyond the call for someone so new. Some of the old timers could learn a thing or two from you. Thanks for joining us.

cyn said...

Thank you Carole! You've included a wealth of information.

I will be putting a link to the interview you did with Frank and Mr. Washington on A Frank Review one day this week.


chrisd said...

Nice job on this tour, Carole! You did a lot of work!

Frank Creed said...

Windfollowers, is so highly regarded by Karen McSpadden (my favorite Christian sci-fi author). I'm honored that you've taken the time to support Flashpoint.
Few people know that cyberpunk is near future dystopian (opposite of utopia) sci-fi featuring interface between computers and human minds. I've also used "end-times sci-fi" to describe my fiction.

I look forward to your interview of Cecil Washington and myself on Saturday the 13th.


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