Thursday, October 18, 2007


Do you want to do something scary? For an enlightening and scary adventure, go and google "teenage statistics"

Here are a few DAILY statistics I picked up. NOTE: some of these statistics are old, from 2002 or you can decide if they have gotten worse or better.

2353 become pregnant
367 have miscarriages
4000 have abortions
40% of teenage pregnancies end in abortions
1287 give birth
666 born to poor women
74 babies die before one mont
9 die from gunshot wounds
10 die everyday from car crashes
8984 every year from
10 die from suicide
one teen dies every five days from workplace injuries
3 die from drinking and driving
over 1000 teenagers die every day from smoking
600 gonorrhea
8000 with STD's
988 abused
3288 child run away
49000 in juvie
2999 see their parents divorced
There is a suicide every 17 minutes
More kids die from suicide than homicide

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