Sunday, October 21, 2007

passing this along

An reader is working on a project and would like your help. I do not know her personally and I am not endorsing her or her project, but after exchanging a couple of emails I feel that her efforts are sincere and I am comfortable passing along this request:

“Are you a person of African decent who has worked hard to achieve the
“American dream”? Did you work hard in school, get into to college,
graduate, and do all the “right” things, but still found yourself
struggling professionally? Have you gotten a concussion, bumping your
head into that glass ceiling? Did you believe that if you just worked
hard and stayed out of trouble, that dream job and picket fence would
be yours? I am interested in talking to you about your trials and
tribulations. I want to know what types of obstacles you have faced
and what you have done to overcome them. I want to know what your
struggles are today and what your triumphs are too. Maybe it forced
you to start your own business or go in your own direction. Maybe you
eventually did get that “dream” together but the road was treacherous.
Maybe you are still struggling today and need direction…. I am
sure there are a lot of you out there because it has happened to me.
Ivy league education, top grades, all the right stuff, but still
struggling. Get in touch with me, let me know that you are out there
and we can talk about what I am doing more in-depth. I know that
these things can be painful and embarrassing because it feels like a
personal failure. Don’t worry about that. There are no judgments
here… just a kind ear and support for my brothers and sisters! I
hope to hear from you soon.”

If you are interested or have questions, please contact EA directly at:

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