Tuesday, March 25, 2008

allies, kinda

This was an article sent to the black SF list by a white Jewish girl who is on that list. I want you to think about that for a second. Okay, got it? Because that's important. It shows a lot about who we are, about racial identity and political identity and religion and government.

So this is the article.

A great one....One which totally told so much about what I feel about being black in America, being a black Christian among white Christians and yet it's an article that I cannot entirely endorse. Why because I am neither the perfect progressive Christian nor the perfect Democrat nor the perfect liberal nor the perfect modern women. (By "perfect" I don't mean "without flaw" I mean "cookie-cutter.")

I'm a Bible-believing Christian. I DO believe people go to hell. The writer of the article seems to believe that God puts people in hell. I believe the Bible says hell is kinda the default when we die. Jesus takes us from the default, he doesn't condemn. I generally am not too sure who's going to hell, though. Not as sure as some people are. Can't get into theological discussion about that one. So the guy goes on about how crappy white televangelist ministers are. I can't really agree totally with that one either. Some white televangelists are actually quite honorable. Some black televangelists are honorable. And yes, Some white and black televangelists and ministers are questionable. So once again, I'm in a fix...feeling like Loic.... Religion versus race. Allies. What side do I want to be on? Which ally do I put on the back-burner for the nonce?

We live in a country of either-or...but people aren't either-or. Our party lines are either-or. And honestly, there is no true middle. So here I am trying to make myself understand this middle.

I HATE when this happens. I hate when I have to decide if an article suits the black me or the Christian me. So here I am wanting to send the article around. But now I have to decide. Do I send it to my Christian black friends? my christian white friends? my non-christian black friends? my non-christian white friends?

I'm way too bothered by stuff like this, I think. I sooo wish life had made me in such a way that I fell in very neatly along party lines. Nah, no such luck. The good thing about it, though, is that many Black Christian people feel as I do. ..... And many white Christians too.
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