Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Ellijah Challenge

Wonderful Christian site on healing. Some great essays there. Been listening to a DVD someone sent me. Wonderful stuff.

Interesting insights from this guy so far:
In his evangelical services oftentimes the rich are more blessed and healed by God -- even when some of the rich are Christians. Reminds me of Mary's Magnificat where she says God has sent the rich away empty.

Ministers telling a Bible miracle story will not blame the ministers for problem with healings. They blame God (It's not God's will) or they blame the sick person (It's your lack of faith) but they never interpret the stories to blame the disciples which is what Jesus often did. In the story of the boy with the epileptic demon, most ministers will blame the man and say "Jesus put it back on the man. You must believe." But Jesus in fact was pretty annoyed with his disciples and told his disciples they should fast and pray for such healings.

In addition, what does it matter if a healing is not God's will? IT was not God's will to heal Hezekiah. God had appointed him to death. But God healed Hezekiah when Hezekiah prayed. Nor was it Jesus's "will" to heal the woman with the issue of blood. He was pretty neutral toward her. She wanted to be healed and she caused the healing. Nor was it Jesus' will to heal the daughter of the Syro-Phenician woman and yet he healed her because the woman prayed.

It's over at the elijah Challenge.

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