Sunday, June 08, 2008

prophetess encounter

Okay, I'll be real upfront about this. I distrust prophetesses. I tend to look askance at them. Maybe Prophetess Bynum turned me off them with her loudness and her tendency to take over every program she's on. But generally, I'm just real iffy.

So when Cecile the pastor of a local Jamaican church said that a certain prophetess -- who clothes herself in white linen from head to toe-- was gonna be guest preaching....well, I wasn't too thrilled. I've seen this prophetess. She's a sweet soul but... well, the outfit kinda turned me off.

Upshot we arrive at 2:30 -- a full three hours after church starts, mind you. Hey, these are sweet Jamaican ladies and they understand our situation with younger son. So I figure I better go up for prayer. The prophetess started receiving a word for me. And of course I'm all set to humor her. And what does she say?

"The Lord knows when you rise up and when you go to bed. The Lord has seen your bed. The Lord knows your bed. The Lord has seen your bed. Are you looking for new living quarters?"

I couldn't help bursting out in laughter. Well, wow!!!! The woman is totally a child of God. Pit bull puppy went to town ripping our bed to shreds. We sleep on a mattress that has holes, eaten out padding and exposed springs. In fact, in order to sleep on it, we have to put on tons of blankets and tablecloths on the bed in order not to feel the springs. Picture the Princess and the Pea. In addition, before the doggy got to the mattress, the spring was broken so we've been sleeping for a while now on a mattress on a bedboard on the floor. (Hey, when you are low on money, you don't spend time on repairing a bed.) Isn't God funny? Plus the fact that she mentioned the living conditions and my wanting to move. She was right on! She said we would get a new bed soon and it would be an anointed bed. I know what God meant by that....that our new bed will be free from the bitterness and hurt and grief that this old bed has seen.

The interesting thing about prophecies is that when one gets them one is sometimes afraid to mention them...especially if they are weird. I could see her struggling with what she saw. Another prophet would've spiritualized what was seen by fudging around and avoiding the silly image: "Carole, I declare the Lord will give you rest." Something like that. Because sometimes these things are just so odd and folks start interpreting the revelation they see instead of simply telling what they see. Just really neat.

Upshot? I feel blessed. Heck, I knew I was. But I've been feeling God's presence all day.

Okay, in a hour and a half am off to my other church. The Ecuadorean evangelical church. From heavy Jamaican accents to total Spanish. Hey, I go where God calls me.
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