Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Torment, worry, and stress

Remember when St Paul -- I think it was Paul but know what? It might have been St John-- said, "Fear has torment"?

Gosh, he is sooo right! Fear and worry torment the soul. And what does fear really imply? Fear is nothing more than Faith that the thing we are afraid of and the thing we don't want to happen will happen.

Okay, aside from the fact that I have had to deal with all the drama caused by both my son and me having encounters with the legal system, the trouble is I have always been a worrier. I suspect part of this has to do with A) the way my mother raised me. She was an alarmist. Every little cut would bring upon some mega-deathly-infection. B) Worry runs in my family. Maybe it's nutritional...we do throw our body out of whack by not drinking enough water and by eating a bit too much sugar. And wheat gluten seems to affect us neurologically. Sometimes when I eat wheat I feel overwhelmed with fear. C) I watch way too much television, especially the news. And you KNOW those people train your mind to think of whatever things are fearful, of bad report, etc. D) Worry becomes a habit after a while. It's as if your mind doesn't know how to imagine good things. E) I haven't been staying in the word as much as I should. F) I had no daddy to take care of me so I struggle with the idea of a Creator God being a father who takes care of me.

So yeah, I have a kind of inclination to worry. But honestly, these legal issues and especially the driving-while-black incidents. And the money issues they have caused...well, it wears a woman down. And isn't being worn down a kind of torment? And isn't that what the devil does? Try to wear you down?

The Bible tells us that those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. It says God will keep us in perfect peace if we keep our mind on him. Well, it's a nice day today. Heatwave over with. No rain. After doing a few revisions on some chapters in Constant Tower, I shall go outside around midday and bask in the sun with Bible in the hand.

In the meantime, here are some tips from the 100 blacks in law enforcement site To prevent injustice great and small against our black men.
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