Saturday, June 07, 2008

Watched lips, interpretation of tongues, emancipation proclamation

The verse in the Bible: Set a watch o Lord over my lips.
So I'm trying to watch my mouth and to only speak God's words, the theological truth of every situation instead of the pathological truth. Honestly, if God were to ask me if I had done EVERYTHING in the past 18 years to get my son and myself healed, I would have to say no.

It's taken 18 years to forgive and keep on forgiving.

It's taken 20 years to stop sinning with negative thoughts. (I've always been pretty good and done good deeds but internally!!!)

It's taken 20 years to praise God in all things instead of murmuring and telling folks about the situation.

It's taken me 20 years to learn to speak to the mountain in faith and command it go go.

It's taken 20 years for me to learn how to cast down the vain imaginations that fear and the world creates.

It's taken me 20 years to believe that we are healed when we first prayed and believed and that we were healed 2000 years ago by the blood of Jesus.

And It's taken 18 years for me to actually learn how to confess God's promises instead of the doctor's report. So I feel that at last I am on the road to healing. At last. Not a negative word said yesterday. YAY!!!!!

I was praying in tongues this morning and got an interpretation. I know some people think that an interpretation is a word-by-word translation of a tongue message but interpretations are often different from translations. An interpretation is often an impression. So there I was praying in tongues and the image that came to my mind was that I should proclaim the good news of my son's redemption and healing to the parts of his body that was sick. Of course I have been doing that, telling them the good news. But then the image/interpretation I got was of Masters after the Emancipation being told by a messenger that they should free their slaves and Let My People Go! But the masters refusing to give up their masters, and the slaves not knowing that they were not only freed but that they had been given their masters dominion to rule. So I really began praying like that. I preached the gospel to the illnesses and the powers of this world. And I trusted that the seed of healing in my son, and the word of truth are working mightily in my son. Soon I will see the blade of healing.

Have a blessed weekend.
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