Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dark Parable: Amputated Extra Legs

I was so distraught last night -- as I often am-- because of younger son's
sufferings and last night I prayed and prayed in tongues and really had a
heart-to-heart praise/beg talk with God. Then I went to sleep. This morning I
had a dream.

I dreamed my younger son developed a problem in his feet and two of them had to
be amputated above the knee. He could still walk around with his two inner legs
but the outer ones were like these useless external appendages. I pushed him
around in a baby carrier. I was so upset because he had no friends because he
was handicaped and because his legs weren't right. We came to the bottom of the
stairs and I dropped a dime at the bottom of the steps. I looked for it near the
corner but couldn't find it. Then I looked up and saw that my son was climbing
the stairs with only his two legs. I thought, "uhm, this kid will do well. He's
managing with only his two legs." Then I heard him call for his father (my
husband) "Yuke!" Which was his way for saying "Luke." I was so happy. The dream
gave me hope. Don't know what the two extra half-legs meant. I mean, in real
life folks have two legs, not more than two.


Anonymous said...

That seems like a dream of hope, that perhaps(I pray) your son will overcome an obstacle on his own terms with help from God. Unsure about another deep meaning, but you know what? It doesn't matter. The dream has given you hope, and I think thats the huge outcome.

God Bless you, Carole.

Carole McDonnell said...

Hi there, woman! How goes? Long time no see.

I think the dream either means that when he gets healed he'll still have some remnants of the old illness.

Or it could mean that he has something extra that we could pray against.

Or that he will be healed but he will still have something about him that will help him to identify with the so-called disabled, but in many ways he'll be multi-abled.

Thanks so much for the interpretation, though. I'll ponder it. I really appreciate you taking the time to. -C

Anonymous said...

No problem. We should always heal and help one another Carole, I pray it all pulls through. I see it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carole - I will give this a shot, and bearing in mind I don't know anything about your son's real life health, so will just go by what the dream speaks to me... feet speak of our walk with Him. His disabilty appears to be holding him back to a degree. But, it only appears that way. The amputation, to me, speaks of cutting off his limitations. Not a bad thing but an excellent thing. We think a disability is a hindrance but it is only our perception. God makes no mistakes.

The extra limbs? Well, I think it speaks of God's abundance. They may have looked useless in your dream, but don't be fooled. God has a purpose for every part of your son's life ~ the things that look good AND bad. Nothing is wasted or unwanted or a disadvantage in Him. He is the Creator and He knows what usefullness is intended with any pot or vessel He has formed.
I would rejoice that he had no friends in your dream. This speaks to me of being 'set apart'. Amen! Set apart for the purposes of the Kingdom. And that is a painful road for most of us(esp mums watching their kids be alone), but the rewards far outway the sorrow. Amen.

The stairs and the coin were interesting. Stairs represent 2 things: 1. another symbolism for your walk with the Lord & 2. they are symbolic of spiritual progress, and/or digression. Coins, well that speaks of treasure I believe. You have dropped a coin in the corner (Jesus Chief Cornerstone??) and you are looking for it. Are you looking for the treasure in Him in the way you think it should come? And you are frustrated because you can't find it? Is it hindering your walk, your spiritual progress? Is the things you're searching for only a digression (diversion) from what is the real treasure He has set before you? While you are looking for what you think is valuable (coin), you son embarks on his journey up the stairs. And yes, he, dispite all odds with his problem legs, makes progress in the journey. He calls to his Dad. Dad Luke is really symbolic of our Abba Father. Go climb the stairs with your son - he will show you the way and it is a wonderful journey albiet not the one you would expect.

This dream is a dream of hope... because He is Hope.

Carole McDonnell said...

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! Woman (Wish i could enlarge the font!) you are soooooooo good!

This definitely gives me hope, when I need it.

Thank you so much, Sister in Christ.

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