Saturday, May 02, 2009

Goal setting

GOAL 1) I now choose to complete writing The Constant Tower. Heck, it's almost finished and I really just have to commit.

GOAL 2) I now choose to walk everyday for at least a half-hour. I have no desire to be over 200 pounds by my 50th birthday. That gives me seven months to lose 70 pounds. Deluded? Perhaps. But might as well try.

GOAL 3) I now choose to drink a ton of water everyday and to be out in the sunlight. Both help me sleep...and will presumably help me lose weight.

GOAL 4) I now choose to begin working on Inheritance by end of May because I've been watching a whole lotta Korean movies and I really should use the research.

GOAL 5) I now choose to take younger son out for a walk at least three days a week.

GOAL 6) I now choose to no longer write older son's college essays or paper work, and to not always nag him about his expenses and due bills. The kid has a mind of his own and I am getting way tired telling a 22-year old what to do.

GOAL 7) I now choose to figure out a way to repair and/or sell this house.

Yep, have to break these goals down into increments. Supposedly the difference between a wish and a goal is that a goal has increments. Might start with telling a house real estate agent that I want to sell this thing. Will see. Gotta commit.

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