Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Preserves: How Excellent & Civilized Are We

Okay, I got my brother-in-law's new CD in the mail. You know I like folk music, indie folk, and bluegrass from when I spoke about another band I like called The Giving Tree Band. But well, ya know, The Preserves is my brother-in-law's band. (Did I say that before?)

Yep, that's bro-in-law on the left.

I can't exactly review it objectively. Uhm, maybe I can do an interview of the band on blogcritics. But even then, is that morally right? And I haven't even listened to the thing yet. What if I don't like this collection, which by the way is called How Excellent & Civilized Are We! I just sooo hope there isn't any snideness against Born-againers in this album. Bro-in-law has a kind of California spirituality. Okay, he lives in Juneau but you get my meaning.

Here's an article about them in a Juneau paper.

Will have to ponder what to do about this.


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