Monday, June 22, 2009

Dark Parable: The baddies

I dreamed I was in a building which had many offices or schoolrooms. A skyscraper. Three bad guys in black with guns were roaming the building ready to attack. I knew them and they either knew me or didn't think I was danger to them or I had made a deal with them to not hurt me. Three others were outside, also in black but a bit more shadowy. It was a bit like the end of the world and everyone was very afraid of what the baddies would do and were sitting in a large audience area in the lobby of the building.

I put a cloak over my head, and realized that somehow looking out from under it there was a long beigish-goldish narrow passageway. Like a tunnel. Tunnel vision.

Suddenly Superman came in and saved us all and I jumped up clapping my hands and laughing. I said, "Ah, I thought this would all end very badly with disaster. It totally hadn't occurred to me that he could come in and save us all."

I think this connects with God wanting us to "Guard your heart with all your strength for all the things of life come out of it. Proverbs." Plus it was as if the church had built an audience and not an army. We were just sitting around doing zilch while the killers/stealers/destroyers roamed the building. Plus there is the negative expectation I had instead of putting the mantel/cloak over me and developing a Christian tunnel vision of trusting God to do a wondrous miracle.

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