Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dark Parable: Maria and channel 99

Dreamed I walked into a bedroom -- either my son's or mine or my sister's-- and the TV was on. I turned it onto a channel I never watch. 99 or 98 and it just so happened that a music video show was on and a new music video of a favorite female artists which I had never seen was just beginning. I said, "Oh, thank you God." I do this a lot because it often happens in life that God does fun little flaky synchronicity things with me. So I was happy I was seeing this video from the beginning and either it was new or I'd always wanted to see it.

So the video starts and the singer -- who might have been Jordin Sparks or someone like that-- walks out into a school athletic field and towards some cheerleaders and they start spelling out a name with their bodies. M A R I A. Which was either the name of the singer or the name of the song. Then they all burst out laughing and the song begins. It really was very strange.




Hi Carole!

That is veeeery strange indeed....

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

P.S. I haven't seen you around my neighborhood and I am sorry that I haven't dropped in on you more often! *smiles*

lelia said...

some good news! Pastor David Nahayo and Janne the house manager of CASA worked hard on the books I sent in Pastor Paul's garage. I had planned to label them in the dewey decimal system before dispersal, but the books arrived after I came back home from Rwanda.

Carole McDonnell said...

Hi Lisa:

Sorry. I've been so out of it lately, mostly doing the novel. Will drop by more often. -C

Anonymous said...

Strange dream Carole... could be just a result of something you ate?? lol, I'm kidding - sort of :P

Carole McDonnell said...

Hi there, Amanda!

Nah, I had it after falling asleep for an hour after being up all night. That's when I have my weird dreams. I think it's probably God telling me that someone named Maria is praying for me or that I will meet someone named Maria and I will be glad to meet her. Cheerleaders tend to encourage a person in a maybe she's encouraging or is the star prayer-er. Will see.


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