Saturday, March 10, 2012

Wisdom of Solomon: the two harlots

Hubby and i reading about Solomon and the two harlots and the baby. Dawned on me that the women didn't go to the priests or to the lawyers but to the king..hadn't thought of that.

Isn't it funny how many times one reads a thing and more stuff comes out every time?
Well I was thinking about taking credit for a thing...if someone took my Bible study and i knew it was mine... would i still want it to exist if someone else took the credit? If someone downloaded my Bible study and kinda reworked it a little then published it and said "this bible study is mine" and I knew it was mine, and there was a lawyer who said, "okay, destroy the book and be done with it" ...I'd say..."I want the Bible study to be out there in the world...
let this thief take the credit and the cash." (Hoping that doesn't happen but the Christian publishing world is way creepy.)

But also, the king didn't judge the harlots. For one, who knows how these women became prostitutes? A woman who lost her husband or family had no one to take care of her. Solomon didn't say, "What do i care about you bickering whores and your bastard?" The levites, scribes, priests, might have said their righteous legalism.

So Solomon is king, advocate, and discerner of thoughts. Also a loving Christ symbol to whom the women knew they could appeal. Jesus wouldn't have judged the women harshly either. Solomon knew that although the women were prostitiutes that one of them had a woman's heart, a mother's heart.

Honestly, i think the religious world would've judged them harshly and not cared about their problems. Who knows??? Maybe they went to religious people beforehand and there was this long to-do. Not like the Supreme Court but pretty much. How long did it take for them to walk to the king's palace and finally get to the king?

It seems easy in the aftermath now to say...."ah Solomon said the perfect thing and I probably would've said the same thing as well." But hindsight is 20/20. I think it might have been thought that prostitutes didn't have kindly woman hearts...and there is the wisdom of solomon, he knew they did.

Anyway...for whatever reason, this post is making me love Jesus very much. Plus it's Good Friday.

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