Monday, March 12, 2012

Praise for Plan B

When I first met my husband --at a valentine's day party-- I fell in love with him at first sight. I even dreamt that he was the one. Then a little girl from church had a word from the Lord that my husband wasn't the one. I didn't listen to her and it has cost me much emotionally. Yet God has truly blessed us with a deep love.

I can tell you it has been a rough road. My husband was perfect and I was perfect. We just weren't perfect for each other. In addition to his folks making my life miserable, I was warm and outgoing and hubby was distant and unemotional. I had never been so unloved or rejected in my life. The first fifteen years of my marriage was grief and loneliness.

But now, I can truly boast that there is no couple in the world who loves each other as deeply and as wonderfully as we do.

Sometimes we forget that the plan of salvation was Plan B.

Think of David. He was God's Plan B. Think of Jesus. God's Plan B as well. Think about what might have happened if our original parents had not disobeyed God and fallen into sin. But they did, and God's response was Jesus. Milton wrote, "Oh happy sin, that showed so good and great a God!"

What the lives of humans would have been like if our species had not chosen death or chosen to know about right and wrong in the proscribed way we might never know. But would we have known that God Himself was willing to die for us if we hadn't sin?

God in His mercy had a contingency plan. God is amazing and if we only keep trusting His love, care, and power, Plan B will turn out to be better than anything Plan A would have brought us. God restores, recreates, makes new and blesses even those bad choices we make or the cruel choices others make for us. Praise ye the Lord.

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