Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dark Parable: Painting with sunlight and housewifery advice

i dreamed someone taught me how to make art with sunbeams. The artist would point at a sunbeam and with one's finger on the sunbeam, one moved it around in circles around and around. The sunbeam was like a string of light where one could take anywhere. But the one who taught me sunbeam art did this circular thing and when she had finished it was a big circle with varying shades of light, all made from one sunbeam string. So i started to draw with a sunbeam but i didn't stay in the circle mode. I did a little circle here then i'd move the string a bit and do a triangle or whatever. In the end i had created a big gigantic picture but it had different sections in it. Triangles, squares. onions, circles everywhere. Oooh, didn't mean to write onion but that's probably meaningful

It wasn't as orderly as the other sunbeam art fabric pattern made by the one who taught me but it had a beauty of its own. It just was a gathering of different things on the canvas all drawn from from my sunbeam string. Then i went to visit a friend and she wanted to put her husband on a diet. She told me i should drink water more, that i must be careful and always drink my water. Then a lady came down with a purple-mauve headcovering and she told me that i shouldn't wear white because white was too hard to clean, that black was as hard to clean as white almost, and that i should wear brown. She was wearing white, i think.

Then the lady i talked to said she was wondering about her husband's diet and i told her she sould eat a big salad every night and even in the day for lunch, that he wouldn't miss the meat at all if the salad was really wonderful. I'm thinking the advice i gave to her is one i should follow. So that was it. Interesting that i would have to get advice on housewifery from a woman in a headcovering. I so hope God isn't hinting that i do the head-covering thing.

It seems to me that these dreams are about color, guidelines, taste, conformity. The lady with the head-covering gave me advice that is pretty obvious. Of course white is hard to clean. But why have a problem with black? (The white dog hair?) And really, being black, I can't wear brown. It makes me look drab. I like bright colors. And in Onion, the book is what it is. My writing style is what it is. I'm still using the sunlight and sunbeam. People can still see the beauty in the canvas even if the painting is a bit different.

Sent at 8:44 AM on Tuesday
 Jessica:  I can't imagine that He is telling you to wear head-covering
the fact that she was the one giving it to you and the nonsense she was spouting at certain points causes me to agree that your advice is waht you should be taking
first, she was wrong: white is easy to clean with bleach but it takes work; black is solid and can absorb and hide even blood while still looking good
 me:  i kept thinking
 Jessica:  brown is an iffy color on a lot of folks
 me:  i already kjnow about white and black clothes
she was wearing white
and brown looks bad on me
 Jessica:  ooooh how interesting indeed
 me:  black skin and brown
it just looks blah
i'm so glad i hve you to talk to about this
 me:  there's a spirit of holiness in the land i guess
 Jessica:  she sounds like a busy body in a head covering

 me:  Ooh, suddenly realized something. Both dreams are about guidelines and color and taste and order or conformity!
 Sent at 9:15 AM on Tuesday
 Jessica:  oh my! you are right!
 Sent at 9:16 AM on Tuesday
 me:  but is it reassuring me about my stories? Or warning me against Christian conformity? Or both?
 Sent at 9:19 AM on Tuesday
 Jessica:  hmmm, I don't think you're at risk for Christian conformity
 me:  like you
 Jessica:  sunbeams are made of light and the refraction is always different as the light strikes
 me:  but i think we're at risk at questioning ourselves unduly sometimes when we don't conform
 Jessica:  so in that, you are learning how to master something which can never truly be tamed
conformity would be a crayon
not a sunbeam
 me:  so true
 Jessica:  a sunbeam is what it is and yet with the slightest change of perception, it is another beautiful color
unchanging but ever changing
 Sent at 9:35 AM on Tuesday
 Jessica:  true also that we question ourselves excessively but that's what friends are for; to help you realize what is true and what is fear
 Sent at 9:39 AM on Tuesday
you're so good for me
 Sent at 9:42 AM on Tuesday

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