Friday, October 21, 2011

Decisions, decisions: To Mammo or not to Mammo

Okay, so last year was the great year of breast drama. It started with a breast examination. As usual, for twenty-five years, my left breast had been leaking milk. A lump I had had for 20 years -- in my nipple and called a papilloma-- a lump which previous mammos had never picked up and which was not discovered in my last mammo but only got discovered after I returned home and my nipple bled terribly....caused me to get 5 diagnostic bouts of radiation (MRI, mammo, some other weird machine, X-ray for the lumpectomy operation.)

It was all very traumatic and --I REPEAT-- the mammo did not find the lump! It only caused my breasts to bleed because the papilloma was being squeezed.

And so, here we are... National Breast History Month! And the Dept of Health wants me to have a mammo again.

Now, let me say that breast cancer prevention is not breast cancer scanning.
In the meantime I've been working hard on breast cancer prevention.

I no longer eat any cold cuts.
I have worked out my bitterness and forgiveness and unloving-heart issues.
I rarely eat anything processed.
I take tons of Vitamin D and hang out in the sun.
I exercize more.
I no longer eat sugary stuff (okay, I do once in a while..but I'm working on it.)
I'm drinking more water (with a little sea salt and a little baking soda in it.)
I'm trying to lose weight.

And I went to the manual breast examination...and they found no lumps.

So why do I have to go to the radiation place to get the mammo? Can't I wait until I get some money and get a thermograph? Is it really a matter of life and death for me to do the mammo now?

Note, I have gotten very convinced that mammos are responsible for some fast-growing inflammatory cancers. So why can't I simply say no to the DOH on this? Why can't I simply base a decision on the peace it brings me? Why can't I trust my own heart and suspicions? Seriously, more and more as the world continues its media-brainwashed ways, there will be times when something in our hearts and minds will balk at what the herd is doing... even if they say it's a life and death matter. And this is the very first time I feel as if ...well... "What if I'm a fool for going against the herd?"

Can i be conceited enough to trust myself against what all others say? One must be conceited enough to survive.

Seriously, what if God gives me a dream to go north when some government advisory is saying "go north?" Will I be able to stand alone and trust myself?

Let God be true, but every man a liar (Rom 3:4)

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