Thursday, January 26, 2012

Old Dog Learning New Tricks or Everything Old is New again.

Okay, so many new things in life! So many new and flaky habits!

So there goes the old adage, uh? The funny thing is that some of these new tricks or habits I've learned are totally new and Lord knows where they came from. And others were kinda dormant.

For instance I've always loved foreign films. But whence this new love of Korean films and is it really new? As a kid I used to watch Korean saegeuk dramas on PBS. But I totally dropped watching them for 40 years, only to have them return in full force. What the heck is that about?

A lot of these new tricks I keep to myself. But some...well, they're there for all the world to see. For instance, I've always had a thing for dreams. I have anthologies of dreams by famous writers for instance. I have anthologies of famous literary and religious dreams. But now I've gotten totally into listening to folks on youtube talking about their dreams, visions, and prophecies. Curiosity? Lord knows. Maybe.

Then there is this new thing about designing fabric. Back in the day I used to paint. So what to do with these new tricks?

Well, it certainly makes me long for a long life so I can enjoy and explore them. Maybe that's why new habits pop up. To give us new interests in life alongside our old long-continuing interests. But it certainly makes me smile that these aren't really new tricks or new habits, that these habits were lying dormant in my soul all this time.

I'm wondering if I should buy a violin. Yeah, I used to play the violin way back when. 

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