Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dark Parable (Vision): The Burning City

Okay, so this morning:

I had a vision of a large city criss-crossed through with rivers. It was a very modern city with high-rises and all the city was ablaze. The fire occurred at night, or it was nighttime when i was seeing it at its most powerful.  The view was a night-time aerial view so I could see the outline of the skycrapers and the outline of the cities and fire everywhere with the rivers running through. It looked as if the city was utterly devastated. The entire city. Not just a part of it. That city was so destroyed it would take years to rebuild it if at all. It didn't look like New York, but it felt like a city where several rivers met. I kept trying to se clear to see what city it was but I was too far away. I couldn't see the writing, but it had many skyscrapers and was surrounded by rivers. (A thought: when I h ad the vision of the seashore with the birds, that was a vision of water. And it took place a few weeks before the Japan tsunami. But I still don't think that the vision I saw was of Japan. So here, I don't think this vision was of New York. But it might have been.  -- or might be-- it felt like a city surrounded by rivers but the rivers themselves were inside land.)

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