Thursday, February 09, 2012

Give us vision, lest we perish

We get spiritual vision everyday. The doctors plant their visions of illness inside our minds. TV fills our minds with visions of love/lust or wealth or other worldly matters. The Televangelists fill our minds with their vision of Christianity. The world around us gives us its visions. It tells us old age should expect dementia and degenerative diseases, but God's word tells us that old men will dream dreams and it shows us the works done by old folks such as Caleb, Elizabeth, etc.

We need God's vision.

Which reminds me the devil also gives great visions.

Think of Luke 4:5. Satan takes Jesus up to a tall mountain and gives him a vision of all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. The implication is amazing. Jesus could, if he wanted, live and rule and do good in all the world. Not that Satan could tempt Jesus. But many Christians nowadays have this flaky idea of Dominion Theology in politics.

I understand that the world should be filled with the knowledge of the Lord because think about it: Christians, through Christ, are a new species of man who have authority over all those things the first man Adam was supposed to have had (but he lost it.) AND MORE!

But the vision might not be from God to rule empires, to rule churches.

But I digress.

We have to hold to good visions and pull down the strongholds of bad visions -- whether those bad visions are plainly evil (like murdering our enemies or lusting for our neighbor's spouse) or subtly evil ( as in evil masquerading as goodness.)

In these days,
Our eyes must be careful what they see. Our ears must be careful what they hear. Our hearts must be careful what they love... because all these things become part of wrong vision. 

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