Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Well, that was odd: EYE for an EYE

The weirdest thing just happened: I got some lavendar bath salts for my neighbor friend Lisa's birthday. Passing by her house I found it closed so I put the shopping bag with the taffeta and the balt salts in the back of the jeep which was in front of the house. Then I walked on and when I got home I called Lisa to tell her about the present. At that very moment, she was looking out the window and saw someone standing in front of the jeep and taking the present out. A black guy in a white t-shirt. By the time she could open the door, the guy had taken it and was gone in a white jaguar. So what does this all mean? Maybe the guy thuoght I was making a drug-drop. Maybe I should realize what a dishonest world we live in. Maybe it's just interesting that Lisa saw the culprit. Lessons to learn...but what?

What does it mean? That innocent people are always being watched as prey? That guilty people are also watched? That I should not trust the world to leave a paperbag alone?

Incidentally, it was lavendar bath salts...AND there is a new drug called "bathsalts" Oh, wouldn't it be great if he thought it was the drug bathsalts and smoked (or whatever) some and got sick and died a terrible death? Or should I be satisfied with him getting a majorly bad tummy-ache?

This reminds me of the "eye for an eye" adage.

When we get wounded, or stolen from, we want revenge. But sometimes the revenge is out of all proportion to the injury that was inflicted on us.

The thing about theiving is that it is a presumption that our little wants are nothing to be compared to the needs of the owner.  When my little son's bike was stolen -- and remember my son is disabled-- it was stolen by someone who went into our yard and took it.

I was furious. The kid loved that bike. The kid had no other joy in life but to ride that bike.

When my doctor's little dog --a sickly Yorkie whom she had had for 15 years-- she developed a prejudice against all illegal  Mexicans (she is Puerto Rican) and she got himand his family deported.

When I lost a job because of a very deceptive co-worker, I visualized burning her house to the ground. Why? you may ask.

Because being stolen from hurts like heck!

WE often exact more than a pound of flesh. The "eye for an eye" rule caps our revenge. When someone takes our eye, we want to take both their eyes out and perhaps murder them as well. Really, I want to murder this theif! I REALLY do want him to smoke or whatever those bath salts and die a miserable death.

But eye for an eye means....only the eye. No more. No MORE. So what can I hope for? That this guy who can afford to take a jaguar gets his bath salts stolen?

Anyway, lesson learned:

1) Don't trust that you are NOT being watched by thieves.

There's a song with a lyric which goes, "People with eyes on what is yours." There really are some people like that. They scan your belongs, they look at everything you do with the idea that that possession would be best if in their own possession. They have hungry eyes and selfish grabby souls and they take stuff from folks. They say you shouldn't have something and it would be better if they had it. And they beg you for it as if they deserve it. Or they take it.

Time to move from the hood, methinks!

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