Monday, February 25, 2008

light and salvation

The lord is my light and my salvation ---- Psalm 27:1

I was sitting in bed last night when the greatness of this verse, as it applies generally to God's people and specifically to my son, just kinda totally wonderfully impressed me.

God, God's word, God's truth, Christ's blood..... are both light and salvation. God himself saves...and guides us into saving truth.

This means, for me, that not only is God and God's word actively and powerfully saving me without any effort on my part except the effort to love God and read his word....but it is also teaching me and guiding me into true knowledge about earthly life, spiritual things, myself, etc.

This means also that while God is saving my son in a wonderfully sovereign way, he is also educating my son and teaching my son how to learn. Just wonderful.
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