Friday, February 01, 2008

First day of the fast -- yet again

I've been beginning this fast for the past week.

No wheat, no meat, no teat, no sweet. I've even streamlined it for myself to make it easier. It's now... no wheat, no meat, no sweet. I like yogurt and goat milk, what can i say? But I've been pretty good as long as I wasn't tempted.

Trouble is, though, I feel I need this fast. I need a breakthrough. And I also feel that if I don't do it I'll be feeling as if I should've. St Paul pummeling his body and bringing it to bay and all that.

So, I'm starting it again today. And to prevent it from being a glorified diet I'm gonna try to put on AOL radio christian stations to help me praise in the morning. The house is filled with juices -- frozen, foreign, and otherwise.

I suspect that a part of me doesn't want to do this fast because I think nothing's really gonna happen. But maybe simply learning not to be pushed around by my apettite is the needful thing. 21 days makes a habit. I intend to drop this fast on the 18th. But maybe I'll make it to the 21st. (Not promising anything, mind you...just putting it out there.) If I manage that, it'll make my body -- and my soul-- know not to push me around. Gotta live by obedience. And honestly, I know the holy spirit isn't a bully but I keep sensing that he really wants me to do this thing. I figure I could get away with not actually doing it because God is not pushy but I figure that just because he isn't pushy doesn't mean I should take advantage. I mean... I know what he wants me to do right.... to learn not to be pushed around by earthly things such as food and emotional needs. Yep, God is my true comforter, not food. Okay -- ready, set, obedience.

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