Sunday, February 03, 2008

Making Spirit Stronger

Ah gee! The fight between the spirit (listening to God's voice within, reading the Bible, praying, fasting, loving one's neighbor) and the flesh (anger, fear, overeating, eating the wrong thing, lust, vain imaginings, an unruly tongue)

So here I am...fasting and committing to making my spirit stronger. Am telling my flesh everyday, "You cannot rule me." Am trying my best not to say whatever sad or angry or negative thing that comes to my mouth. Am telling my spirit, "You control me! You can tell this body what to do! The body has to give in."

Fruits, veggies, yogurt.

I succumbed to my body yesterday. Older son had some apple jacks (or was it froot loops?) And next thing I knew...I was munching them. I who am supposed to be not eating gluten or sugar or food with food coloring. But it's a new day.

The spirit says not to give up. I won't...even if I fall back a little sometimes. It'd be nice to go through one entire day without failing in this fast thing...but God is good.

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