Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Reckonizing a blessing

I'm not one of those folks who believes that the older a person is the more mature they are. I don't even believe that age makes an older Christian wiser than a younger one. The thing is...many Christians are Christians only nominally and they haven't grown one bit since they decided they would become Christians.

That said, I DO have a bit of a problem with IMMATURE Christians. (I have a lotta problems with them but will only discuss one here) The problem is that they cannot see the kingdom of God. Now, I'm not talking about folks who are waiting to die in order to get to heaven... I'm talking about folks who actually believe they will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

Some of these folks cannot taste and see the Lord...they simply cannot recognize a blessing when it looms before their eyes.

Consider someone who has called up for a job. The human resources person (or person in charge of hiring them) posted the job weeks ago. The job is perfect for the Christian job-seeker, The hours work well with other aspects of the jobseeker's life. The money is perfect. The job is a real entry into a different world. The job willl raise the job-seeker's expertise. The job comes with tuition reimbursement. But the Christian job-seeker only just saw the job and amazingly the interviewer graciously extends the deadline. The Christian jobseeker presently has a job that affects his health and has a mean cough. Then job-seeker gets a cold, making cough worst and getting in the way of the first appointment with the hirer. Hirere is cool. Then job-seeker has this issue. Hirer extends some more frace. Then job seeker has another issue. Hirer extends even more grace. And all this time job-seeker is saying, "Do I want this job? It'll cut into my partying time?" Yep. The "problem" with this job is that the jobseeker would have to come in on the weekend from 8 am-1pm. This means NO PARTYING late into the night. In my opinion, Christian jobseeker is a might old to even be taking partying into consideration when pondering a job change. But noooooo! The shallow things of this life has blurred the spiritual vision of this jobseeker.

How many times have we seen that something is lovely and absolutely created by God for a person's life...and yet the person for whom this gift was designed simply CANNOT see the wonders of the blessings before him/her! Oh Lord, teach us to recognize a blessing and not to be so addicted to our own ways of viewing things. Open the eyes of our heart, Lord. Make us see angels in heaven. But also make us see angels on earth also.
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