Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Rubber hits the road

Well, folks, I can only say that I had a crappy night. The fibro and the flu have come together to give me four almost entirely sleepless nights.

But the Lord has said, "Praise the Lord." He tells us to "rejoice always." He reminds us that the joy of the Lord is our strength and we must not give any place to the devil.

So today, I am determined to praise my Lord with all my heart and to not lean unto my own understanding. He IS working.

Think of it: when one plants a seed into the ground, it grows downwards for the initial growth period. Things often seem worse when they are beginning to get better. The thing is to endure to trust the spiritual seed beneath the soil of our lives will manifest into a physical plant above the soil. I'm looking for the blade, the stalk, and the full flower....but just because I don't see it doesn't mean I'm going to doubt its existence. I know my God sees me.
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