Thursday, February 07, 2008

Thinking of food

Well, here it is ...the seventh day of my fast and I find myself thinking of food. Not really lusting for meat or anything but this not eating meat is certainly making me realize what a crappy uncreative cook I am.

It's easy just to take out chicken and make chicken soup. Or beef soup. Or whatever. But on a fast, one really has to think. And then one starts thinking of variety and supplements. I mean...this morning I ate a banana and some nuts because I dreamt my old gyno told me I needed potassium. (Reminds me...gotta get some orange juice and make an orange juice banana smoothie.)

I have some cabbage in the house. Maybe I'll make it with Kasha tonight for dinner. Cabbage, as well all know, lasts forever in the fridge. But should it? Shouldn't we eat it way more often....for our health? Even if we don't like the taste? All taht beta-carotene.

God made so many great foods, but eating meat makes us a bit unconcious as we cook because we don't really have to learn to explore all those other foods. Today for lunch I'm gonna make a mango banana smoothie. This flu is a bitch so I'm not gonna go outside to get any pomegranates. But imagine it...the tongue (supposedly) has the ability to taste and sense about 10,000 different tastes. And we made a God who loves us so much he made stuff to fill all our senses. Okay, then...gotta commit. So that when I'm off this fast, I'll reallyl stop being lazy about fruits and veggies.
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