Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wanting to see

I so wish i could see a miracle.

Okay, I've seen an angel -- would like to see another one.
I've seen demons -- would NOT want to see another.
I've had strange occurrences and god-winks.

I even got second-hand report of a miracle that happened to someone close to my family. A Haitian woman who was healed of brain cancer in its last stages. But the thing with that is that I didn't know the lady when she was sick. I only got apprised of the miracle when everyone was going wild at the church when the lady was giving her testimony.

So, I want a miracle. I want it in my son's life. I want him to be able to talk. His 18 birthday is coming up. I believe that God has put healing into his body. Like a seed. Now it's my job to believe that it is order that I might see it manifest in the physical. Gotta believe.
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