Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Faith works through love

This is a Bible verse that many Christians often forget to ponder.

If we have faith but we do not forgive our enemies, faith won't work.
If we someone comes on our heart --especially if we suddenly feel a great compassion flowing out towards someone (whether the person is near or not)-- then that is the Holy Spirit working through you.

Sometimes we think God isn't speaking to us. But remember God is love. The love we suddenly feel for someone -- especially if that person hasn't been on our minds for a while-- is often God's way of telling us to pray for that person or to call them or to give them a word.

God is love. He works through love. His compassion in our hearts toward others is His love talking to us. ACT on faith. BELIEVE that that deep love is God-in-you telling you to do something. Or at least to pray for people. But you must believe that God is with you.

The Bible says, "The spirit of the prophet is subject to the prophet." The Bible says, "Stir up the gift that is in you." It's not as if we sit around waiting for God to so overwhelm us and stir the gift up in us. We are to stir up the gift, not God. We can initiate the gift within us by stirring up the gift within us which was given to us by the laying on of hands. If a faithful elder has laid hands on us to give us a gift, then we must believe we have it. Walk in faith. Trust that God has given...and has placed all things in you: the mind of Christ, the gifts of the holy spirit, the healing powers of the word, the answer to prayers. Walk out in faith. We can turn our spiritual gifts on and off.
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