Sunday, June 08, 2008

Walking by faith -- recognizing the kingdom

Well, one really has to be alert sometimes to "see" the kingdom of God. But here is something that shouted pretty loud.

My son was rear-ended yesterday on Rte 9. He got out of the car. The driver who rear-ended him got out of her car. He looked at his car. Saw a little scratch. Shrugged. She shrugged. He said "Sorry." (although she was the one who caused the accident.) She said "Sorry." They went on their separate ways.

But their ways weren't separate at all. When he arrives at his workplace, who does he see but this same lady? They smiled and waved to each other. Turns out that she works at the VA too. This is the new job son is supposed to start on Tuesday and which he's been attending orientation to. Is this a god-moment or what? We who can see the kingdom of God recognize this kinda thing. Now, how different would this have been if son had been snippy about being rear-ended? He would've gotten an enemy at his work. Wow, what a blessing. My son sees the power of not getting angry over silly stuff. Praise God. Also, this kid has always been blessed with the power to see the kingdom of God. God is his light and his salvation. Son, himself, said, "wow!" The devil now knows he cannot use that particular weapon -- temper-- against either my son or me. Praise God!

Incidentally, my biggest goal at present is to NOT quench the spirit. I want to hear what the Spirit says to me every day. I want to be able to listen. If a Mormon missionary comes to my door, I want to hear from God how I should answer. If the Lord says "turn to the left" I want to turn to the left. EVEN IF I'M NOT AWARE THAT I HAVE HEARD. I want to honor God by having him direct my hearing him and by simply being led by him. -C
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