Saturday, May 23, 2009

Trusting A Living God

Am feeling one way but the word of God says that God has healed me by the blood of Christ so am telling my mind to think the other way. Got up this morning thinking of strongholds. Strongholds are strong things. So strong. I mean, the Pentagon is a stronghold. Do we Christians really understand how much determination it takes to destroy a stronghold, how much committment and belief in the blood of Jesus, and how glorious the blood of Jesus is? No wonder when we pray against certain strongholds we give up...we have to because to gain the such a long battle. No matter he tells us not to faint. Only believing is the hardest work any living God could ask His people to do. If one doesn't have a living God, if the God one has is theistic as my muslim friend's God is...not a living God who is personally involved in everything you do and loves you and wants to change you, but a God who rules all and you must submit to his will because he doesn't get down into human life...then one can worship such a god. Because nothing disproves his existence. But when one trusts in a living God who promises answers to, something totally different.
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