Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Would you believe I totally forgot that today was Gabe's birthday....until we were at his allergist's office. His allergist is a wonderful perfect doctor named Dr Wojcik. Almost eighty-five years old and in perfect health. I had totally forgotten about his existence and then last week it suddenly dawned on me: Nothing's helping Gabe: Call Dr Wojcik.

It was like a shining beacon.

So we went ...and voila, while the secretary is looking at his chart...she mentions the date and I'm like..."oh, my, oh, my! It's Gabe's birthday I think." What a brain!

Anyway, I don't know what I'll do when Dr Wojcik retires. (By the way, by some odd coincidence his daughter-in-law (a really sweet Filipina woman) nursed my mother when she was dying at Mt Sinai. Weird, uh?

Anyway, we have a new course of stuff and meds and advice and various things to do for Gabe and although Gabe's regular ped, Dr Schaff is a sweetie, he was out of his elements when it comes to flaky autism-allergy-immunology stuff. Of course all the advice and tests brought home yet again just how many things are wrong with Gabe, just how much money it'll take to fix them all (if they're fixable at all), and how overwhelming it all is. So I came home and spent much of the day walking around the house shouting, "AAAAHHH, GOD!!!! MERCY!!!" which is kinda pitiful and heart-breaking if one actually is in the house hearing me scream and cry like this all day.

But then I got three emails from different folks all with the word "miracle" in them. What a blessing that was! I can only say that perhaps....God is encouraging me to, Like Abraham, hope against hope. Anyways, we just went out the house to get Gabe's birthday cake. I SOOO wish I had a normal life....but who knows? Still one's gotta hope.
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