Friday, February 05, 2010

Made it through the Abraham story

Won't say much except
1) Hadn't really felt til this reading the extent of the deep love between Abraham and Lot. Lot followed Abraham's vision as much as Abraham did. They never argued except that their servants was what caused them to part.
2) Hadn't realized that Sarai's sister (Nahor's wife) also was blessed in her old age with children. Must think of this.
3) Still can't figure out the spiritual significance of why the story about Hagar not seeing the well is also in the same chapter as Abraham and Abimelech's servants fighting over a well.
4) Can't figure out why Abraham took gifts of Pharoah and of Abimelech when he sinned against them but felt he had to pay for the cave to bury Sarah in.

Also, something interesting about Job:
We don't hear of the faith of Job. We hear about the patience of Job. So Job isn't listed in Hebrews 11, faith hall of fame. If faith doesn't let you win the battle...persevereance will. Faith and/or patience (endurance) is what the saint of God needs when fighting the devil.

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