Thursday, April 16, 2009

Banquets and Crumbs

Listening to a sermon about a crumb of mercy and a banquet of mercy. The syrophenician woman's crumb versus the people of the lord having a banquet. Matthew 15:27 "Imagine if a crumb of mercy can heal a demon possessed girl through intercession, what can a banquet of mercy do?"

Wow, how big is our God?!!!

If such a crumb for someone who is not God's people can do so much, what can a child of God expect? That is very challenging. It's so challenging to have childlike faith and to believe in a great God.

Whenever folks on TV portray someone with childlike faith, they always make the person look idiotic. Like on Law and Order for instance. But childlike faith takes a lot of thinking, a lot of mental strength to achieve. Childlike faith is something that is achieved. It's not a putting away of the mind but a retraining of the mind and a freeing of it from the world. Very hard work to do this. And only folks who are arrogant little rationalistic snits think it's for simple minds. Childlike faith is not for folks with simple minds. God is pleased with faith

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