Sunday, April 19, 2009

WTF moment in Bible study: Powerful Nothings?

So there I was outside reading in the sun when I'm presented with this verse:

1 Corinthians 1:28
King James Bible
And base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God chosen, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are:

Okay, I can understand God using the base, crappy, dissed things of the world to destroy the stuff the world respects. Hey, Jesus was a carpenter, an innocent man killed by capital punishment (ahem) and He is now Lord of all. And we all know stories of triumphant world-changing poor folks (po' folks, actually, cause these guys are so poor they can't even afford the last too letters. -- old joke, yep)

But if something isn' can it destroy what is? So am thinking about that. The essence of the spiritual is that it deals with what isn't seen. So then, if it isn't seen in the spiritual realm, does that mean it is "not."

Hebrews 11:1-6 tells us that God made the visible world from the invisible. As Christians who understand that God's word is living and alive, we know that the world was made by the word of God. We also know that we look at what is seen and not at what is unseen. St Paul reminds us that we walk by what we know by faith, not by what we see. And God "calls those things that be not as though they are."

But things in the spirit "are." They aren't non-existent. So, although I can see that physical things can be unmade and destroyed by the spiritual (And trust me, this is hard to believe when one is waiting patiently on God -- or not so patiently) but to go that further step and to believe that what doesn't actually exist can destroy what exists. Well, it makes one ponder.

I'm daydreaming about Wind Follower being blessed. I'm trying to see it as being blessed, trying to see it being made into a movie actually. So is that unseen hope working on physical money issues now? uhm... gotta think.

Other than that...well, it's warm and hot and I've been soo happy. The sunlight is so good. Vitamin D helps prevent breast cancer, helps sleep, helps the heart. So am doing well. But it means sitting out in the sun reading...when I'd rather be writing in my house or watching a movie. So, what to do? By a laptop? And what to do when winter comes around again? Might have to remove some trees to bring light in. I so wish to move. Will see.

I spent all winter washing my hair and not combing it. Told you I was reclusive. I honestly don't have to do a lotta stuff cause I don't have a lotta folks dropping by. I drop by my friends' houses. And those who drop by are good friends who don't care...or crappy folks I don't allow inside the house. So upshot is I have all this hair which is hopelessly tangled. Hubby gets royally annoyed when I cut my hair and says I look like a guy when I do that. But I can't see what else has to be done. I'm tender-headed as they say. I simply squirm and come to tears when a comb goes through the thing. Will see what I end up doing.

Anyways, here are other translations of the powerful destructive nothings verses:

Douay-Rheims Bible: And the base things of the world, and the things that are contemptible, hath God chosen, and things that are not, that he might bring to nought things that are

Darby Bible Translation: and the ignoble things of the world, and the despised, has God chosen, and things that are not, that he may annul the things that are;

Weymouth New Testament: and the things which the world regards as base, and those which it sets utterly at nought--things that have no existence--God has chosen in order to reduce to nothing things that do exist;

World English Bible: and God chose the lowly things of the world, and the things that are despised, and the things that are not, that he might bring to nothing the things that are:

Young's Literal Translation: and the base things of the world, and the things despised did God choose, and the things that are not, that the things that are He may make useless --

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