Saturday, April 07, 2012

Holy Saturday -- My sweet, sweet, dead and mutilated friend

Lord Jesus, my dear, mutilated, humiliated, forsaken, friend. I love you so much! Yesterday, I lived to see a good man who loved me die. And now, now, on this Holy Saturday, I've lived to see another day pass. I am attempting to live life without this lovely commit to a life without this loving one. Lord Jesus, whatever will I do now that you're not here?

Yes, I know...there is a resurrection day coming. I know tomorrow Jesus will rise again and the disciples will be happy. But the Holy Saturdays of our lives! The Long Endurings with no sign of restoration, renewal and resurrection!

I always get into a funk on Holy Saturday. And I think it's a good thing. We must remind ourselves of those who grieve and have no hope. We must remind ourselves of lovely, lost people we think we may never see again. Worse, we must remind ourselves of lovely, lost people we will DEFINITELY not see again. Because, although they were lovely and beautiful while they lived, they did not know Christ. They were sweet and good and loved us more than many so-called Christians have loved us. And yet, they died and went into darkness. And we must do all we can to save those now living from going to hell and being separated from God for ever.

But...for those with the glorious hope....

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