Monday, April 16, 2012

Dark Parable: Hubby's three dreams of spirituality

He dreamed:

1) He was on stage singing the theme song from Camelot. He didn't know the song but was faking it with the others on the stage. At last, he was found out when he was supposed to do a solo part --a tumbling trick-- on the stage. He didn't realize the cue because you didn't know the script.

2) He was at a church or an auditorium. Something like a religious or spiritual talk. Like a spiritual/philosophical talk at googletalks or TED or like a religious service. As he listened to folks talking on the stage, he looked out the window and saw that a young boy had taken a car and had speeded up and crashed into a tree. He waited for them to help but no one seemed to understand or to care about this boy. After a while, he got up with someone else to help the boy. Then the others in the room and on the stage also noticed and went to help the boy.

3) He and a workman were standing in front of a house. There were two large big sturdy trees in front of the house. One would have been okay but there were two and it was really too small a space for two such large trees so they were trying to figure out what tree to cut down. Suddenly behind them a tall -- almost 200 feet long-- very slender tree rose up. Or maybe it had been there all along. It was in the street and had no roots but it was soo tall. They kept looking at it, up, up, up, and then suddenly the tree toppled over and fell on all the neighboring houses. No one seemed to mind the fall of the tree because it was so slender, so hubby and the workman removed the debris. 

I asked God to show us if we should go to the healing service and to show us why healing and other family needs haven't come to us. I'm thinking these dreams are here to help us understand.

The first dream seems to be asking "Is hubby faking it? Be real. Admit you're over your head and this spiritual performance is a performance. That's the first place to begin." So that's problem one with where he is spiritually.

The second dream seems to be saying, "You have seen some very uncaring or seemingly uncaring spiritual talk, folks who talk the talk but who don't seem to have the love or the power or both." I'm thinking the young man with the runaway car is our younger son. And the question is: If these people are so spiritual and so loving and so knowledgeable, why don't they care for this accident? Why don't they help?"

The third dream seems to be saying that there are choices to be made. Trees tend to represent people or the outgrowth of spiritual thought. If it is a thought, it represents a deep-rooted issues of spirituality... to decide which to cut down or to uproot. Double-minded? Two large powerful thoughts which both cannot share the same space in the mental/emotional yard. The third tree that sprung up in the street. The tree looms large but is not going to last in any wind because it has no roots. This tree could be a theology that is a diversion -- something like head-covering or all those other flaky diversionary theologies that folks waste their times on or the tree could be a very true spiritual thought but which unfortunately had no root in the person's life so it couldn't last. Either the third tree was a good tree or a bad tree...but whatever it was, it was not rooted and it was outside the house.

Gotta figure this out. 

So... emails flying back and forth with dream interpreter/friends.

Got this insight from Debra M:
Shall study the dreams. The first thing that struck me though is the common thread of blindness/ignorance/unawareness..... as we go through Life with the barest of understanding or instruction.
What was missing in each?
In the first: a script.In the second: fellowship and compassionIn the third: man going about his egoic constructs with no regard or knowledge of nature and the other world who co-exist on the planet with us
The word of GodThe love of/for GodThe respect for God
Without these things we will fail. We will miss the cue. The child will die. The house will fall. 
Which made me think of this:

i think  the dreams are about the healing service on saturday. It's as if the first dream says he hasn't read the sript or he hasn't become one with the script so he is speaking with his mouth but not from his heart. faith comes when we believe in our hearts what has been written in the word and unless we speak from the heart it is only a script and the praying doesn't work really. Then in his own heart there are the words spoken but no action.

The second dream are ministers and church people who see the sick boy and don't care enough to stop their preaching to go out an help. The old "Be ye warmed and filled." but nothing else. The church can do all this with power it has, but there is no love and no leaving from their script to help someone in obivious need and maybe God is showing luke his resentment of the fact that the church hasn't really been there fore us. We've been put on prayer lists and folks have said a prayer in passing. but no one stopped their little work to help. I don't know if that's true because luke doesn't say anything like that but maybe God is showing him his heart-cry to God from his heart that he feels overwhelmed. he said this morning to God while we prayed "God I don't mind Gabe staying the way he does..if only he would stop hitting. I don't want him putting away and living a life of being shut up because of that." My heart just went out to him when he prayed that because it was as if he understood some aspect of the dream without actually knowing it yet because we hadn't started the dream interpretations yet.

Then the third dream: Two two-part questions
First: is the third tree a true theology that has not rooted in his heart? A theology on the road but not yet within his heart? or is it a false theology, a distraction like a lotta other flaky deceptive grand theologies out there? it was such a tall tall tree?

the other question is What are the two trees? Why must he choose one of them? Wwwwhy can't both trees/thoughts grow together? Biblically i understand that to be double-mindedness but what are the two stronghold thoughts?

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