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Church versus State: abortion

I've thought about the whole abortion debate for ages and am gonna just throw out my opinion on it...and let the chips fall where they may.

First, everything I'm gonna say is based on my limited knowledge of humans and my religion.

Second, my religion tells me that religion and the state working together crucified my Lord. Thus I am very suspect of religious folks getting in bed with lawmakers. Not that I trust atheists either. Witness the trouble caused by Stalin, Napoleon, the French Revolutionaries, and Mao Tse Tung to name a few.

So here goes:

One: medical science has proven the fetus is pretty much a child. Abortionists and pro-abortion folks want to muddy that because they just don't want to deal with it. I'd like them to be honest and to simply say, "Yeah, we know it's a person but we would like to kill it anyway." That would be honest, I think. So plain and simple: abortion is murder.

Two: Abortion should be kept legal. Yes, I know. I just said it was murder. But it's a strange kind of murder. Indulged in by the terrified, the ignorant, the wounded, the selfish, the very young, the very old, the neither young nor old, the moral, the immoral....or all of the above. And these things have to be taken into consideration because humans are gonna do what they can to get rid of a child no matter what. Infanticide has been around for ages. Although women are still being killed because of and during abortions -- the abortion industry doesn't mention this-- we don't want wire hangers.

Three: The pro-abortion folks should understand the consequences of abortion. Many women go through depression. Some do not go through depression but they develop a kind of coldness in their hearts. I've seen this in action. And many go through "empty arms syndrome" which make them get pregnant again or become serial aborters. If pro-abortion advocates are so caring about women, they should provide post-abortion counseling.

Four: The pro-abortion folks should understand the way women are abused by abortion. Abortion advocates do not want to talk about the fact that abortion is often the tool of men or parents (sometimes religious parents) and that women are bullied into abortions. The most dangerous time in a woman's life is when she becomes pregnant because many women are killed by boyfriends because they did not get abortions. Pregnant women should therefore be protected from those who wish to force abortions on them. But as long as the pro-abortion folks keep saying pregnancy is a private matter and is "a woman's choice," they show they know diddly-squat about real life...and that it is often a tool of violence used by men against women

Five: Black folks and minorities should be aware that Planned Parenthood was born in eugenics and that even now the Black population in the US is being slowly decimated. At one point we were almost a third of the population of the US. That was during slavery when we were herded together and treated like livestock. Then migration and happened and our population dwindled. But after the laws of abortion came into effect, we pretty much committed self-genocide. Much to the happiness of eugenicists like Margaret Sanger.

Six: Churches should play their part in telling people about the emotional, cultural, and familial consequences of abortion.

Seven: Churches should show people that adoption is an option. The abortion community has pretty much trained people to not even think about adoption.

Eight: Churches should have ceremonies for the healing of those who have had abortion and for the naming of children who were aborted. If a woman has had an abortion, she should know that there are ministers she could go to to be absolved and to have her relationship healed with her dead child.   I would not recommend a woman telling her minister or her church about an abortion because ministers are human and some of them will shame people and when they see a woman who has had an abortion will always keep that against her. But the woman should seek healing and repentance from God.

Nine: I am not sure if people should stand in front of abortion clinics attempting to save babies. The woman is already stressed. Although quite a few babies have been saved because of these interventions. So I dunno.   But I definitely advocate that Christian women do everything in their power to convince their friends not to have abortions, and after the baby is born the Church should support the woman in her choice of keeping the baby.

Ten: A baby is often the means of saving one's own life. Many a person has had to turn from their non-serious life to maturity because a child has been born. I do not believe God sits there and plans for every child to be born. I think we humans have control over the creation of an immortal soul. Yet, I do believe that once a child is conceived God sends his Spirit into it and has a plan for that child. In addition, the child is now placed on earth to bless the parents. Therefore, destroying a child's life is tantamount to destroying one's life.

Upshot: Abortion should remain legal -- state's responsibility
             Abortion should be fought against ethically and personally -- the Church's responsibility. 

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MagsB said...

I've never seen any post on this traumatic subject that is as thoughtful and honest as yours. I agree with you absolutely, and I think the Churches are too quick to condemn and not quick enough to support.

I'm sure you'[ll get attacked by people who haven't thought this through but who have knee-jerk reactions, but I want to say Thank you for your courage. God bless you!

love Mags B x

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