Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Adam and his Maker

We aren't given any clue as to what Adam said when he first opened his eyes on the world. I am assuming that when he first opened his eyes, he saw God looking down at him with love and admiration. I am assuming Adam felt the love God had for him and that Adam sensed that he was a perfect "good" creation. The reason I'm thinking that is because God had declared all His creation "very good."

But we have no idea of Adam's reaction to being suddenly made, suddenly existing. I suppose his reaction to his Maker looking down at him is very much like a newborn child's action looking up at his/her parent and at the world around him/her.....except there would, of course, be mega-intelligence and total spiritual understanding of the One Who had created him.

The first actual words we get from Adam are when God made Eve and Adam exclaims something to the effect of "Wow! You did it! This is the perfect match for me!"

At that moment, we feel Adam as approver and applauder of God's creativity and God's joy in that His creation appreciates his handiwork.

What's interesting about the relationship of these two Beings is how accessible and humble God is. In fact, even when God is talking to Cain there is this incredible easygoingness.

We see the easygoingness because God's creations are so chill and cool when they talk to him. When Adam and Cain are in self-defense "blame" mode, they are awfully flip with God. The familiarity is amazing. This is not like the Greek Gods who are so full of pride that they want everyone to treat them with extreme awe. This is not like God's later encounter with the Israelites on the mount where he is so holy none of the people could even touch the mountain. The Creator is so accessible that his Creation actually feel free to pull an attitude with Him. Cain evil tells a snide punning joke; "Am I my brother's keeper?" The knowledge of His loving personality, the knowledge of His sweetness and kindness and accessibillity is so great that even in their sin, they can have an attitude with The Holy One.

Now, I'm not saying we should go around being flip with God but I do stand amazed at how loving and proud and near He was to His Creations...and how sad and how far and how estranged we are from that Good Shepherd, Creator, and Dear Holy Father who loves us. 

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Carole McDonnell said...

i did. but i suspect most christians are like that. we put in a lot of mental blocks..for instance, i went for a walk and forgot to bring money to buy water so i asked God to let me find some money to buy water because i was thirsty. i did...i continued walking and there was money on the ground. the next day i forgot to bring water again. but i couldn't find it in my heart to ask God to let me find water again. Why not? because the world's concept of what constitutes love says we shouldn't nag God for little things more than once in a while. I felt He would be judging me to ask again seeing i had made the same mistake two days in a row. So i think Christians often think there is a quota of silliness or stupidity that God allows us.

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