Sunday, September 18, 2011

Jesus and the man with the legion

Seriously, asking information fromdemons?

Mark Chapter 5:9And he asked him, What is thy name? And he answered, saying, My nameis Legion: for we are many. 

I believe we should cast out demons. I just worry about doctrines being told us by demons. Really if you break down the conversation between Jesus and the demon, there are a few things to be clear about.

Jesus asked the MAN, "What is your name?" It is probably one of the demons who answered instead of the man. The man was too out of his mind to know what Jesus was saying but it's clear that Jesus said to THE MAN, "What is your name?" The strongman answered that there are so many of us here that our names are legions. We have many names." Jesus DID NOT interrogate the demon. The Bible clearly states he asked the man his name. He was trying to see if he could pull the man out of the mess around him.

I will also add that Derek Prince, Charles Holzhauser, Win Worley and the other folks you mention were probably way wiser than you and I are, and probably had had years of experience in knowing how to speak to demons and how to trust demons before trusting a word they said. Discerning a liar and being able to tell when a demon is lying is a hard-earned hard-won skill. It is not a something one picks up after just a few years of deliverance. I would rather be taught by the Holy Spirit to discern than to have a demon tell me what's going on. If Jesus ever asked a demon a question, it was BECAUSE he ALREADY knew the answer.

One: Is Jesus asking the man what his name is? Or is Jesus interrogating the demon?

Two: If Jesus is conversing with the demon, is Jesus asking who the strong man is?

Three: Is Jesus asking about doctrine or asking advice from the demon?

Four: Do we really believe Jesus didn't recognize the legion and needed them to clarify things for him?

Five: this was such an infestation of demons that the situation is unusual. These demons readily showed themselves and declared who they are, speaking through the mouth of their victim. There was no hide-and-seek going on. We don't even know why they told Jesus they were legion. To get pity? To make Jesus feel overwhelmed?

Six: Notice that when Jesus cast them out, he didn't start naming them even though they said they were many devils. He just said to the demon gang, "All of you out!" There was no, "okay, you talking to me, are you the gatekeeper spirit? are you the strongman? are you an imposter?" He just told the entire legion to go out.

Seven: He didn't "bind the strongman." If he was doing all this as an example of how to deal with some heavy-duty spirits, he certainly isn't doing it the way modern deliverance folks say we should do it. So should we really think of this as an example of interrogation.

Nah,you have to ask God to give you discernment before you start listening to a doctrine told to you by a demon.

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