Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Keanu Reeves Dream

Last night I went to bed around 3:00 and I said to God, "Please give me a dream that explains everything I've been going through. I need help."

I dreamed  this dream, the first in a while.

I dreamed Keanu Reeves was being roasted (given a roast). All the really bad acting he had done were strung together or discussed. It was all in fun but it was quite the slaughter of his ego. He was very hurt. However, he had been married zillions of times and had divorced. Some of these women were poor, old, destitute or all the above. One was a very old lady who sold fruit from a cart on the street. When these women found out about the mockery he had received, they were hurt for him. They decided to write letters of comfort defending him. I don't think they got together as a group to do it. It was just kind of a groundswell and each woman did it spontaneously from her heart. Because he had been divorced from them they didn't know where he was. So they wrote the letters to him in care of the broadcast company that was doing his show. He was very touched, and it seemed because of their kindness toward him I felt he was going to resume the friendship/acquaintanceship he had had with them. Some kind of restoration. I looked up Keanu in Google and his name means:   "cool breeze over the mountains." I really am not sure what this dream means to me. 

I sent it off to my dream group and got this from one of my dream interpreter buddies. I'm thinking she's dead-on.

well, Reeves most famous character played someone caught in the Matrix, manipulated by evil forces. We all live  under the prince of the power of the air, even as believers we live in a fallen world full of sin and we make many mistakes and fail much and deserve to be roasted not only verbally but physically.  The poor destitute women represent a spirit of forgiveness even when they have been wronged. The forgive and rise up with mercy even when they have been divorced and marginalized. They still saw the good in their ex husband. This kind of forgiveness is not something that is necessarily done in a group (like church) but the key to what we do as individuals to help others in our isolated situations. Despite all the crazy things that people we love do, mercy and compassion are still the best course of action.
 Rose-Marie Slosek

Jessica said this:

Rose-Marie's interpretation is beautiful and it makes sense. I can see what she is saying, and it is actually a beautiful little story in the dream. And those women had every reason to gloat particularly given the fact that it was all said "in fun" and probably true. Or at the least they could have gone on, but they took that opportunity to comfort a man who had spurned them. Forgiveness is like a cool breeze from the mountains
there's something refreshing in it. And its clear from this that forgiveness is demonstrated in a variety of ways, not necessarily by addressing the wrongs that these women suffered by him. They offered him comfort which was not a clear forgiveness as in "I forgive you for hurting me" but in that, it is powerful and more than the more staid Christian platitutde of a direct confrontation they're heaping coals of fire on his head through their sincerity now what he does with that is up to him.

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