Friday, September 09, 2011

Mammon and tithing

I remember the manna in the wilderness
It fell every morning and turned into worms if one kept it one day
and tried to save it
yet on the sixth day when it fell it miraculously lasted two days for the sabbath
and didn't get wormy
so we are taught that God is the one who takes care of us
same thing with the tithe on the land
every 7 years the rest
and people shouldn't do anything to the land
the land would give of itself because it was a blessed land
on that 7th year
wwe have to enter into his rest
the tithe is our realization that we have entered into our rest
we want to believe we've earned it all
that unless we work, unless we save\
unless we're good stewards
then some bad thng will happen
so we say religious things like
if you don't tithe
God won't bless you
and that isn't the way it works
God is always blessing
and the ithe is not about paying off God protection money
it's about resting in his love and showing that you are not being bullied by mammon and the fear of mammon
that you trust that God takes care of the birds of the air and the lilies of the field
when the persecution happens
we will see how well God takes care of us even without money and tithing to pay him off
but it's like we can't quite grasp that this is honoring his love
we see it as payment
and even churches who should know God's love
are afraid to trust God
it's like the pastor saying
but i need to get the people to tithe
or I won't be able to eat or to pay for the church or whatever
so they  are depending on the money and not on the God who gives the money
very hard to depend on God but i totally believe tht one should give something as a battle against the human mind of keeping money
as a little battle against mammon and human self-trust

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@Sklake said...

I never read other blogs, I blog to relieve my mind of the thoughts that circulate within, but tonight, after bloggin I clicked the next button on top of the screen and your blog popped up. God knew I needed another woman's voice. Another believer in him to spiritualy fill the well within my heart that was running dry. Thank you sister for your words, God is so good and so faithful!

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