Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dark Parable: Communal and Mutual Dreaming

Okay, something weird and interesting is happening. Strange mutual dreaming between me and friends afar off. Now, I've had experienced communal dreams before. And I kinda understand what they're about. I'll put them  in three basic categories (although there may be more...but I'm just going to talk about my own experiences.)

An example of communal dream type A:

One week when I was very depressed, I got emails from about four friends. They didn't know I was depressed and didn't know each other but suddenly all of a sudden within two days of each other ...they all dreamed of me in a state of peace. Several saw me surrounded by bright colors. The bright colors were either clothing or butterflies. Several saw me on a porch looking out at the sunset. I took that weird flaky happening as God comforting me.

An example of communal dream type B:

I was worried if my son would ever be healed. Out of the blue all these folks all had dreams the same night and calling me up to say they saw my son healed and talking.

And now for the new kind that has me a bit befuddled.

Communal dream type B (which is also a kind of mutual dream)

On Wednesday morning before Thanksgiving I dreamt this:

I dreamed my friend Rain and I passed by an old house and I said I wanted to buy and rebuild it. She said, "It was my grandmother's house. I love it as well."
Then I dreamed about my celibate gay friend Jim. In the dream, he had written a novel about a pedophile under a pseudonym. I wondered if it was about him. Whether he was the victim or the perpetrator. I had a friend who I invited into Jim's house and after we ate there I was wondering how to explain to Jim in an email that we had been in his house without his permission. We walked toward my friend Rain's house. She and Jim both used to live near each other. But there were construction workers in the road and in the intersection. Finally I got there.
I asked Rain for some pecans from her tree. She said, "I prefer giving and offering without people asking." (In real life she is not like this at all.) I told her Jim's tamarind tree was full. She asked, interested, "Are they ripe?" I answered, "Yes,they are ripe. Very ripe."

The friend who I had dreamed about dreamt this:

On the same night, Rain dreamed I came to her with  a little girl about 8 years old. She was my daughter. My daughter had a little boxwith a bird inside which she kept kinda covered because she didn't want the bird to fly away. I said, "It's a pigeon." Rain said, "It's a duck. Look at its flat bill. It's a duck."

Another friend, Debra, dreamed this the day after:

Oh my I had a series of strange dreams early this morning. I think you figured in one of them so write to inquire whether you had a similar dream. Are we multi-dimensionally traveling you and I?
All I recall now, several dreams and hours later, is that we were talking, and you were comforting me in the way friends do, and we started to dance. A small slow dance in the way you would do with a friend to encourage each other in life. At least I think this was you; it looked like you; you were wearing a head piece of some kind, and you had on a sleeveless sheath dress that flowed free to your ankles.

As my friend Rain and I talked yesterday night, we found our lives had been taking on some odd parallels. For instance, she had been going to the store everyday to buy pecan to make pecan pies and she had been thinking of my friend Jim (someone she rarely thought about)

So what is going on? Is God simply saying that He is aware that I am praying for these people and these people are praying for me? Or is something else going on? And what the heck is going on with the pigeon/duck thing?

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