Saturday, November 05, 2011

Dark Parables: Caring for the wounded

I dreamed I had some kittens, not newborn but not really old either. They were in our kitchen/bathroom. The room had a large bathtub and a fridge. We kept them there to protect them from our doggie, Hemo. The kittens were inside this room, inside the tub, inside cages (although there was one cage that was shared by two kittens), and they had warm little jackets on inside the cages. There were about five of them. My husband was the one who consistently fed them and I pretty much forgot about their existence. Then I was accidentally reminded by my husband that I had to feed them. I had forgotten to feed them one day and they had managed but I realized I hadn't been feeding them. I opened the door and made sure the dog couldn't go inside. Then I let the kittens roam free and took off their littlekitty kackets so they could feel each other's fur and bodies. As I looked around, I saw a kitten who went back and put on his jacket. I thought how strnge it was that he had gotten used to it.

I dreamed I saw a movie shedule for Friday movie nights and Wednesday movie nights. I was sad because I could no longer go out at night to watch movies because of the fibro but the movies in the series were sooo good, I was tempted to start going to the movies anyway. Twice a week couldn't ruin my life so much. Then I was in one of the movies I had wanted to see. A girl (who was me) was talking to another girl (who was apparently a bit of a snob) about a boy she missed. The girl said, "I miss my old friend. He had a sadness in his eyes but I really liked him. And I don't like this new neighbor." The snobbish looking girl said, "You miss him because although he had sadness in his eyes, he had a light in his heart that you could see. This new neighbor has darkness in his heart because he has had a great sorrow. But you should try to find the light in his soul again and re-light it." Then the scene shifted to a different place far away where the boy whom had been the girl's neighbor had moved to. Now, he was the one who had no light in his spirit because he was sad because he had moved away from the girl.

I think both dreams are about working hard to heal the wounded, especially the young wounded people in the world. I used to put myself out to help the wounded and hurt but I kind of stopped after a while. I think the dream is telling me to learn how to do this again.Interesting that it was the snobbish girl who brought it to my attention. Generally, my pride and hackles rise and my fangs go out when a proud person tries to tell me anything. But in this case I listened. Oh well, good advice from icky people is good adivice no matter how much you might dislike them.

I think this connects to some of the folks I meet on the internet.

I do seem to end up with a lot of male young friends from all over the world and so many of them are sexually wounded. But I am so fearful of being hurt, or distrustful that they might be using me for money that I can be very distant...even when I'm friendly. I think God wants me to lighten up and develop compassion. 
Yep, this is a "compassion required" dream. 

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