Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dark Parable: And the destruction of things is also holy

I dreamed I was on a dark white swampy planet. No moon or sun that I could see, just an eerie whiteness. The ground was made up everywhere of watery swamp white Madonna(?) lilies or white worms. The worms appeared to be the major sentient inhabitants. There may have been buildings around but it was only as I walked and discovered a school or station stone marker which read, "A s if to Fairmont" that I realized it was an earthlike planet.

I realized the lilies and the worms were not native to the planet and someone had brought them to the planet. This caused them to take over the entire planet. I then saw a writing, "And the destruction of things is also holy." I wasn't sure I wanted to believe that. Becaue it seemed the world had been destroyed by stupid people bringing in the innocusous lily and/or worm that had no natural enemy in that planet. I didn't think it was the earth but it could have been the earth or a parallel earth. A fellow astronaut wazs flabbergasted because the lily was so pretty and he couldn't believe that something so pretty had caused the problem. He had tken a little bit of the lily and was going to put it on the flight with us also. I wasn't sure if the lily seed had come inside the worm or the worm had come inside the lily seed.

Sometimes the story around the words in a dream matter, sometimes the words spoken in the dream are the only things that matter.

In this case, I think the story around the dream will make a good little scifi story...and I'll use the words in the dream as the title Either "As if to Fairmount" or "And the destruction of things is also holy."

But I will ponder the words and the story of the dreams.

The first) that destruction can be hidden in small things.
The second)  that God also destroys as well as buildis.
the third) that even human carelessness in destroying a thing is within God's hands.

Will see how this all comes out.

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