Thursday, December 22, 2011

Jesus is Lord vs Jesus as Saviour

In the Bible, the confection of the early church was Jesus is Lord.

Nowadays Christians say "Jesus is my saviour." Or they say "Jesus saves." Which is all true. Jesus has saved us. But should we not obey him? And why are we so focused ONLY on His saving us from sin? Has he not also saved the earth? And is he not also to be utterly obeyed?

Jesus says, "My friends are those who hear the word and keep it."

The way the early church knew someone was converted to Christ was not that the person went around saying "Jesus is my savior" but that the person acknowledged that Jesus was Lord and to be obeyed BECAUSE he is the perfect holy son of God and the one who has redeemed his people and all the world from the power of the devil. The early church knew Jesus was Lord of all.

Another subtle stealing of Jesus' glory is the phrase "Jesus is my Lord and Saviour."

Again, all true.

But Jesus is the Lord of the whole earth. He has redeemed the earth. He is not just there for us to obey. He is now the rightful owner of the world and one day he will show it by opening the seven seals. He has become the Second Adam. He has conquered ll the usurpers Sin, Sickness, Demonic entities and ultimately death. He has brought back the earth to God and now owns the title deed of it again. Man's dominion is returned. This is what the whole creation has been groaning for: A Saviour and Lord of the Earth who is worthy to reign over it, and a return of spiritual power and authority to the sons of God to be manifested.

Therefore, it is not enough that we worship and OBEY Him as Lord. We must also see that all things in heaven and earth bow before Him. 

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